Created by American artist Florentina Looper, Madame Mug offers whimsical, porcelain, functional artwork for the home.  Each piece is hand-built, hand-illustrated, and hand-painted with meticulous attention to detail.

“I’d like my art to be elegant, strange, and breathtakingly beautiful to its beholder.  An heirloom whose magic lasts past my generation.

My aesthetic comes from many eras including Medieval mysticism and iconography, Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau figurativism, and 19th century Western literature illustrations.  I enjoy presenting the juxtaposition of youth and beauty with the suggestion of deterioration, or more accurately, entropy.  I’d rather portray a wilting rose than a newly bloomed one because the dignity and grace apparent in a dying flower is more interesting and complex.”

Playfully fanciful and feminine, each piece is one-of-a-kind and created with meticulous attention to detail.  Porcelain charms and pendants are hand-sculpted, then hand-painted multiple times between kiln firings using underglazes and precious metal lusters. 

Precious metal charms and pendants are sculpted, cast, and carved by hand.  Precious gemstones used, chosen for both their beauty and durability (hardness), are sapphires, rubies, and alexandrites.  Gemstones are securely set within the metal (cast, bezel, or prong set) for a finished piece meant to last for generations.